Justin Trudea’s promises to the First Nations

The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudea, held a speech at the assembly of first nations in 2013. Trudea’s speech mentions the necessity of an improved relationship, an exciting new beginning with the First Nations. Canada’s lack of protection for women/girl in the first nations. The prime minister points towards a better educational system to improve the inidgenous people’s current circumstance. To make this a reality he mentions the need of more funding. A reality for a more prosperous Canada.

The aftermath of Trudea’s speech is not as prosperous as promised. An inquiry for improvement has been set in place to deal with the problem, but there has been no notable change. People affected by the problem feel they have been left in the dark.(https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jul/30/canada-first-nations-indigenous-women-inquiry, 30, July, 2016, Ashifa Kassam)


Cameron’s call to action

The year was 2012, David Cameron was the prime minister of the United Kingdom. In 2012 he was given the honor to speak in front of the United Nations National Assembly in Munich. Present were some of the most powerful people in the world for the occasion. The whole room were waiting in suspense for what David Cameron had to say. He walked up to the podium surrounded by applause.

The speech begins, David Cameron utilizes the tense atmosphere in the room to create a more relaxed environment by using humor and friendly chatter in his opening. It is not simply merely an attempt to release the tension and create a calmer atmosphere. It is also implemented to humanize himself. His position as prime minister gives him credibility and he is supposed to be reliable. He is viewed as such, but his position can create a divide. This divide may dehumanize him and make his points invalid in the eyes of some. When the room is more relaxed, he changes the tone and starts the main point of the speech. His approach is more aggressive and straight to the point.

The criticism was disputed by Cameron, his counter consisted of contradicting the critical arguments by mentioning the positive focus and actions his administration is attempting. After his attempt to defend the recent cyber security program, though set in place by the conservatives whose leader was David Cameron. A conversation used to propel the conversation into the main theme of his speech. Multiculturalism is reflected on. The root of the problem, stated several times throughout the speech by Cameron is an attempt to show knowledge and the solution about a problem. Reflects on the topic. He criticizes both the left and the right to seem reflected and objective. Cameron speaks from the different sides in the conflict to relate to the listener. Clarifies that ideology is the danger and not the religion. He reflects on identity. The identity of a new citizen may lead to problems for the individual concerned. Confusion caused by a lack of identity may lead them to live separate lives from the norms of society.

Cameron brings up the hypocrisy from who are condemned for their opinion. Lack of opposing views according to Cameron cause validation and strengthen attitude. From internet chatrooms to mosques; a lack of varied opinions, leading to all sides to participate in echo chambers. Cameron mentions the past policies as flawed, encouraging new policies. Compares two sides of a conflict by switching the roles, an attempt to convince the current discord.

His solution consists of making the new citizens speak the language, assuring education of the current culture and curriculum. Introducing national citizen service to learn 16 year olds to live and work together. Active participation in society. Strengthen local identity and pride in heritage. The prime minister ends by challenging the world. He says he wants the world to work together and it will not happen alone, we are all in this together.

An influental story

Gran Torino made itself more visible than the other stories for me. Its representation of a multicultural society, while dramatic, managed to convey its theme rather well. Gran Torino is a film about a community which is becoming increasingly more multicultural. The film is inhabitated by dynamic characters. The dynamic between the characters causes them to change. It also covers the topic of maturity. The main character of the film becomes a father figure to his neighbour, whom he at first did not respect. But eventually became friends. The film taught me the importance of standing up for yourself.

Concerning a topical subject

The #metoo campaign is a movement against the misconduct perpetrated against a variety of people. The misconduct has affected a huge amount of both men and women. The movement’s inception was when the oppressed finally had enough. The women who spoke out against the film producer Harvey Weinstein, the silence breakers created an opportunity for women to speak out. This caused a chain reaction. It has lead to women and men all over the world being able to speak out against the misconduct.

“They think if they talk everyone will blame them, and they’re right.” said by Ms. Mehtar, an employee of an Afghan news agency. I thought it’s a quote which highlites why people feel they can’t report abuse. The fear of being punished for the gruesome act they had to endure. Causing physical and mental trauma. Fear has forced them into silence, resistence is made futile. It is the heavy reality for many, sadly. The shame is seen as worse than the act itself, highliting the inhumanity.

The American dream

A poster shrouded in darkness. A classic American car emerge from the poster’s background. As an old man with a rifle in his grasp, showing a stern expression. Illuminated from an unknown source, placed in the foreground, staring at whomever gazes upon the poster. The dominating black and white colours may say it is not all black and white. That it is in fact, a more dimensional and difficult problem. The film’s name derives from the car, the Ford Gran Torino. Its uncanny composition conceive a dark tone. The car’s a symbolic addition to the film. A classic American car which can represent the American dream and America itself. America is infamous for its glorification of guns. Guns play a big part in the American identity, as it even is in their constitution. Making the rifle’s appearance in the poster self-evident. Foreshadowing eventual violence, one might suggest. The man’s stance suggest fear, prepared for what is to come. Afraid of interference with his American dream. Society’s obsession of obtaining it, might make it more trouble than what it is worth. Will envy or greed be prominent in what is going to unfold? Surely conflict is inevitable.

International Day

International Day is a project culminating topical information from all around the world. The goal of this project was to bring awareness to various social and political topics in dire need of exposure. My task for the international day was to attend and help two different rooms, which I chose beforehand. The two rooms I oversaw were the social science room about the river Niger Delta. The other room was about Venezuela, which covered the country’s current and present condition. My goal was to attract people to the rooms and inform them about the topics. Though just a few visited the first room, the visitors were still active in the activities held there. I also felt that the visitors had grasped a new wave of information before they left, exceeding my expectations I had before the day started.

As stated above, I chose the social science room and the Venezuelan room. We discussed how we would present the videos and engage the visitors, with the teacher. It went without problems or disagreements, though we had some time to our disposal to plan. We made a poster for the social science room where we mentioned Samuel from Bodo, featuring a picture of the polluted river. The planning involved for the Venezuelan room were rather limited compared to the previous room, as we were not given enough information to work on it. Our help did not seem necessary as the activities were held simultaneously as he spoke, making our involvement nonexistent.

We prepered by discussing with the other people in the group. We agreed on the tasks we would take hand of. We planned out how to create a better place for discussion in the social science room, by putting four tables together. At the activities in the social science room, it proved to be effective as the groups engaged in the conversations regarding the videos we showed them.

I chose to solve it in this manner because of my group’s agreement. The option we chose seemed to be the logical conclusion to approach the day. The process worked well for all parts involved. It was effective and comprehensible. Everyone did their part without any notable obstacles.

The visitors of the rooms seemed interested and surely must have learned a few new things, at least I did. The day went without any problems, and the challenges we faced were manageable. The few gripes I had were the lack of promotion for the rooms in the B-building, which resulted in very few people visiting. I talked to various people and no one knew there even were rooms. The lack of help needed at the Venezuelan room left my presence redundant. Though it went well at the social science room, the beginning was still confusing for all parts. Improved communication would have led to improved attendance in the less popular rooms, also would have made it easier to stroll around in the A-building.

I learned a lot about cooperation and responsibility. A bit from sharing information to continue the professionalism in the room. And communicating with my fellow group members. I am proud of my own effort during the day, though it could have been better. Though I blame general lack of promotion for the B-building, I, myself still could have done a better job. Except for a few flaws, I would say International Day was a success in general. The communication in general could have been better, but still did not diminish the amount of rooms still visited. Everyone I asked had visited a room, so International Day’s goal was met, in various degrees.

Niger Delta Blues

The song «Niger Delta Blues» accommodates important information of the current situation in Nigeria. The treatment of which the river, Niger Delta endure are criticized throughout the song. Decades of dictatorship has scarred the country. But who or whom are to blame? There are none to stop the perpetrators. The environmental devastation of the country sees no end. There is still no change on the horizon, as the voice of the people are ignored. The country’s population sees no other choice than to endure the inhumane conditions which they’re forced to live through. It does not help when the billions of Dollars’ worth of oil are pumped out of the land every year instead of being utilized to improve the country’s inhumane conditions. The blues is an allusion to the sadness which stems from the devastation of the river.