American History X

The film American history x from 1998 explores the thoughts of a former neo-Nazi, Derek. Derek’s path and his eventual rejection of the neo-Nazi movement are explored by his influences and how they affected his thoughts. Derek’s prejudice towards people of color was already established by his father’s negative influence. The already established anger was emphasized when his father was murdered. The family’s financial problems and his mother’s health became a big part of Derek’s life. He blamed it all on everyone, even the problems he created for himself.

The film shows the importance of how influence can cause an affect you might not have intended. Though some thoughts may have originated from influences, you should still be considerate and responsible for your actions. Derek believed his brother was misguided, defying the danger that followed in his mission to turn his brother away from the wrong. The film is important because it portrays a complex view of otherwise one dimensional thinking and the origin of why some are attracted to hateful ideologies.


Statistics and domestic migrant workers

The excerpt covers the tragic life of Fatou, the sudanese domestic worker who ended up in London, England. to London, England. Her lack of options and places to go forces her to stay in London, though the situation is far from optimal. There are more female domestic workers than male, according to the statistics.

Life is fragile

The ocean is the home of a great number of wildlife. Unfortunately it is currently facing critical threats. The mere changes of the ocean’s ecosystem can have catastrophical results. Just in the last years, research shows that the ocean’s carbon dioxide levels have risen, leading to an increase in acidity. An increase in acidity will cause fish to die and not sustain in the effected enviroments. The human stress put upon the Coral reefs are not sustainable – affecting both the Coral reef and the ecosystem residing there. Pollution, oil spill, garbage and plastic waste have ended up in the ocean, interfering and obstructing the life under water.


The documentary ”The Plastic Whale” made an emotional impact on me with its use of brutal and real footage. We are exposed to a result of human activity, causing needless pain. Pain it must endure because of us. Seeing the plastic bags being extracted from the inside of the whale evokes imagery of maybe contributing to such a catastrophe.


I indeed think becoming aware of our influence on the enviroment will make a difference. Exposing people to what they are contributing to, might make people realize the consequences of their actions. The fewer plastic bags in the ocean, the fewer animals will have their lives obstructed by our negligence.



To make a difference, I must be more aware of the consequences of my actions. Contributing to recirculation of plastic and purchasing products that are friendlier towards the enviroment. I also think others can join – rather buying more enviromentally friendly products and recycle. Though one must start the change, we are always stronger together.

The personal statement

From a young age I have seeked challenges to overcome. I indeed have failed and succeeded what I have set out to achieve. I know university will be a challenge, but it is a challenge I know I will overcome. I have learned a few things in my life – if you do not think you will succeed, you likely will not. A statement uttered by countless of athletes before overwinning their toughest challenge. A mentality which regards most aspects of life as well. I also believe it is important to help others to achieve their goals. A group with functioning communication and collaboration will show better results, more efficiently. Sharing new ideas and explore them is vital for growth. You will be challenged in groups, making them a part of the process. Independence and self-reliance is important. Taking the initiative when others do not. A trait which is also important in a group. A group is not an excuse to rely on others, but rather build others and yourself up. My goals are to make my weaknesses into strengths and build on what I consider to be my strengths. Believing in my own ideals. Contributing to others’ academical and personal growth, as well as my own. I know I will be a valuable asset to your university. It would be a great honor to attend your institution, an opportunity I will not take for granted – I know it indeed have the best facilities that will maximize my potential.


I chose health care as the topic of interest. The conservative posts have a negative focus on the Democrats’ Obama care. They also hold a pro-life point of view, writing critical articles against abortion. The liberal news outlets chooses to rather focus on the positive effects of health care. Praising Obama care for helping people, showing a tweet from someone helped by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The conservative Rush Limbaugh attacks the Democrats, claiming they will change everything for the worse in the conservatives’ eyes. An attack which can promote hostility towards the subject.

We should be allowed to post what we want, as long we do not infringe someone else’s life in a negative way in form of harassment or violence. Sole opinions which have no direct effect on someone should be voiced, though the person must tollerate a reaction. A variety of voices should be voiced in the battle against the growing echo chambers.

A study of Spotlight

The cinematographer Masanobu Takayanagi and the director Tom McCarthy were responsible for the film’s visuals. Their decision were to mainly shoot it with a locked down camera. Camera on a tripod makes a scene easier to observe than it would be with a handheld shot. Handheld was used once, when the spotlight team started the case. Utilized to draw the viewers into the hectic state of the moment. Handheld shots are utilized to draw the viewer into the scene, while stationary is more often used to observe. The stationary shots compliments the film’s pace. The lingering shots builds up tension, supporting the emotional weight of the material.

The film conveys its tone through the use of color. The bleak tint applied to every shot mirrors the bleak tone. Certain colors impact our mood. Hence red can represent love or hate, a strong and warm color for strong feelings. Bleak colors can represent a cold and melancholic atmosphere. So the colors in Spotlight are intentionally bleak to visualize and tell, supporting the scenes.


An article by the guardian regarding the topic of school shooting focuses on the fear of society. It asks the question of why Muslims are seen as a threat, but school shooters are not. Calling out Trump’s Muslim ban, comparing it to the lack of action towards the school shootings. Framing it towards the prioritizing of the media and the people.


The article written by CNN covers how a school shooting affects the victims. They bring up the frequency of the shootings – too many victims. The lack of change only allows history to repeat itself. By ”There is so many of us”, the article says it is time to stop procrastinating and actually do something.